The Pink Door Writing Retreat is a space exclusively for women, trans, feminine, MoC, and non-binary writers of color to come into exchange and engagement with each other to provide a space for mentorship and exploration of ideas while building an active and informed literary community.  
Since 2012, Pink Door has been a low-cost alternative to the usual writing retreats that present insurmountable financial and class barriers. 
Pink Door is held in Rochester, NY. Attendees are provided lodging, ten hearty home-cooked meals, three writing workshops and three panel discussions curated by some of the fiercest writers/speakers in the country. A public reading is given at the end of the retreat where PD fellows celebrate their own work and the work of their peers. 

I have never felt so held as I have with my Pink Door family. This came to me so late in life. Pink Door is salvation. Period. Being cared for hand to foot. I am lucky and blessed to understand what I deserve.
— Giselle Robinson, PD Legacy